Československý vlčák - chovatelská stanice Šedý Poklad

BEZDREV CUP II. 4.6. - 7.6.2020

Weekend meeting of our puppy owners and our "puppies" was organised for the second time in Bezdrev camp. We nearly did not make it due to the coronavirus precaution and had to catch up a lot of things in the last minutes. We occupied 15 cottages out of 20 available plus some caravans. Some of our friends were not able to spend the whole weekend with us but they came to only meet us for a short time.
We came up with many activies for people and as we do like to socialize we spent 4 days in the camp. We were traning for breeding check, shows and had a fun competition to find out how owners and their dogs are (un)harmonised pairs :) Not to make too easy - anything their dog was not able to do, they had to do it :) We also organised activities for kids - searching for a treasure. Trips to Hluboká or Český Krumlov, barbecues in the evening, breakfast together - from oat meals by Pavlinka to eggs by Romča. This weekend a cap with logo of our kennel was the symbol. All the joy we shared is not easy to describe it is somethning you have to experience :) Thank you to all who decided to spend the weekend with us, thank you for raising your dogs the right way and I again got confirmed how much you love them. That is a huge reward for me and I am looking forward to the next time! Thank you, treasures :)
During the weekend there were all together 24 dogs.
Dogs: Drago Arn, Hector, Jagger, Hagen, Mufasa, Mortimer, Morfeus, Lee Cooper, Lancelot, Lupo Malone, Kenzo Power, Kalunga, Kronos Xenox
Bitches: History, Eire, Legenda MOAI, Joy´s ,Charleen, Chilli, Hot Collete
Others: Miluna, Kejsi, Vali, Finn z Katusického dvora, Orson GSS

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