Československý vlčák - chovatelská stanice Šedý Poklad

8.6.-12.6.2022 BEZDREV CUP III.

The third camp meeting of our kennel was organised from Wednesday to Sunday. There were alltogether 40 people and 19 dogs from our kennel. We traditionally turn our attention to our breedings and presents as many activities they can do with their owners as possible. Our connections also deepen. It as amazing that so many people decided to spend their time with us and we appreciate it very much.
Participants from our kennel: Legenda MOAI, Lee Cooper, Morfeus, Mortimer, Mufasa, Kenzo Power, Hector, Jagger, History, Happy Wolf, Hannah, Charleen, Orfeus, Querida, Queen of Wolf, Pepsi, Phantom, Nadir, Ganesha Greys - who came all the way from Slovakia.
We look forward to next year!

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