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"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."

Josh Billings

Československý vlčák - chovatelská stanice FCI

Welcome on the website of our kennel Šedý Poklad. The website is dedicated to our dogs and breedings.
We are going to introduce you our dogs, litters, activities but most of all we want to show you our life with dogs - from their success through daily life and troubles as well...

Now a bit of history...

Our kennel was officially founded in 2007 under FCI with registration number 322/07 of our kennel club. The affix is Šedý Poklad, which means "grey treasure" in our Czech language.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - kennel FCI

Our first Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was Aša z Věrné smečky, born in 2003. Unfortunately we lost him in 2004. It was a big shock for us. We shed many tears and even now after many years I feel very devastated writing about it. We could not speak about it for a long time. We lost our great buddy and true friend. A loss not easy to forget. But time heals, only sometimes it takes longer.

Within few months we went back to the kennel „Věrná smečka“ and came back home with our beloved Belissa. We were never thinking about shows, training or breeding. But since we already had a bit of experience with Aša, we wanted to try more. Or more likely what we did not managed with him. We were training regulary and also after a few shows the first success was here - the first diploma, first medal, first cup and we were sooo proud! We were already so deep in :)

Within a few years Belissa got a silver companion Daily Wolf Rhoderick Sodar. For so long time I longed for a silver female and my dream came true. Today she is already 11 years old, full of life and energy, mother to many wonderful puppies, who were awarded with the highest titles, runs happily in our yard and flies over the fields with her daughters like she is back in her teens :)
She still has a great apetite, loves her human family and works great in the pack. I wish this to last as long as possible.

When Belissa went over the rainbow bridge and Daily had puppies only few days after, the choice was clear. I say that "one CW is sad CW" and so Daily's daughter Cindy Grey was chosen from the litter to stay with us. Today I would tell you that I have gone mad and that I would not dare to have two pups (born only one month after each other) at the same time and raise them. But I really did have gone mad :), but in to the sire of my present dog Biaggi Lucky of Lukava namely Nouau Arimminum. He is an awesome Italian stud dog to me. Today also my other breedings carry Nouau in their pedigrees. Although his son Chewbe del Baldo is one of the best Italian studs in these days for me - excellent health results, height, colour, character and type. Anytime when I spot a dog or bitch I like, there is always "Nouau and Chewbe" in the pedigree. Also my other females Enigma, Joy's and our young hope Legenda have this combination.

Many people ask me why we don't have a new male for shows, when Biaggi does not compete anymore. The answer is simple, until Biaggi is in his full strength, no other dog will replace his alfa position in the pack. I do not wish it explicitly. We want him to be the king of the kennel until his last breath, the king of the whole harem. Now you know how many dogs live with us.

I would like to describe you closely our breeders life, normal day with Wolfdogs and also breeding in our kennel.

We live in a house on a country, where our dogs can use garden, their own kennel and also spend their time with us in our house. Our Wolfdogs are very communicative and really look for a human company. I have to admit that we also enjoy their company at home. At least for a while in winter, when we do not spend as much time outside. We have lovely walks in our surroundings and when the dogs are not after their muddy bath, they are always allowed to come inside after feeding. And they love to lift up the table in the kitchen or lay in the living room so much.

Our Wolfdogs love children and family life in general. Our three children and their friends and teaching them from the very early age. We have our puppies indoors at our house. Our girls are fully used to noises of the house and family members or visits when they are having pups. After the puppies are 5 weeks old they go outside to the kennel with opened doors to the yard and they are in direct contact with us and other animals.

When our puppies leave to their homes our family is habitually without shoes, puppies occupy entry to our house, toys are everywhere you look and the burrow unter the tree in our garden is getting bigger with each generation. :) But we can not bury it, because we can see how they are satisfied playing or relaxing there but above all we know where to look for our shoes! During this important time of socialisation, we are grateful for each visit of the future owners, owners of our breedings or children who come to cuddle them. We want to enjoy this time of their life as much as possible. Everytime they are gone it is so quiet here, but we also have time to fully turn to our own adult dogs.

Now a bit of breeders words...

Not everything is black and white and not at all as seen through the pink glasses. It is always good to keep in mind that even of you do not have a show champion at home or if your dog does not have the top working results, he is always there for you as 100% friend who would breath for you if needed to be. It is the most fascinating thing in a relationship of dog and his owner, what we can wish in this hectic time. Therefore we have to approach it so. We do not push owners to breeding, shows or traning. Our main breeding aim is to find loving forever homes for our grey treasures.

Unfortunately I am not always able to tell from the begining if it will be so and sometimes a puppy comes back to our kennel out of serious family reasons. This is unfortunately another site of breeding as well. It is very important that the comunication between the breeder and owner works. Who else should know your dog better than you and your breeder?

We bred the little treasures for you to make you happy and develop together. That is a reward for us, that you love your dogs and maybe come back to us for your next dog buddy. We are here for you and that is our goal.

Of course I have to mention owners, who really do represent our kennel and who deserve their "hall of fame". I think that each of you, whether you represent us at shows, sport or come to meet us at some of our events and have your treasures well raised, do not have to be ashamed and thank you for that. Special thanks belongs to those who gave a new home to older dogs and took them also with their history.

Proof of our common work is the minimum number of returned puppies and I am incredibly happy to have such a great people around me. We turned our friendship into a "dog family". You are the source of our energy, the reason to go on and breed. There would not be us without you!

Thank you :)

Veronika and Radek Kunc

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