Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - kennel Šedý Poklad

Dogtrack Po stopách Rudolfa II 11.5.2024🐾👣

Moody (Mufasa Šedý poklad) and Fík (Phantom Šedý poklad) Lenka Baarová, Martin Baar went alltogether for a dogtrekk:
"We woke up at 5 AM and drove 2 hours to ZKO Kácov for the start. On the 24km long route, which we managed in 4 hours and 50 minutes we took 18th and 19th place out of 33 participants in our cathegory so the doggies got some treats as a prize. The walk went through lovely nature and all went very smoothly. We also had some time to chat after a long time. Thank you for the lovely day and see you at another dogtrek!" 😁

8.5.2024 Pojizerská regional show Mladá Boleslav

Judge: R. Cepková
Males - winners cl.: Mufasa - Excellent 1st, Class Winner, Regional Winner
2nd place in Junior handling (2/12)
Females - junior cl.: Tajga - Excellent 1st, Junior class winner
Females - open cl.: Rio Rebel - Excellent 2
Females - open cl.: Leilla: Excellent 1st, Class Winner, Regional Winner, Winner of Mlada Boleslav
1st place among Braces competition

Trail through Czech - Boží dar - The most west point fo our country!

8.5.2024 we launched teh first phase of the trail. Together with my buddy Ivča Kocourková, Charleen & Legenda 🐺🐺 we pushed our limits further, made our dream come true and experienced lovely west. We went though funny and adrenaline moments, exhaustion and many new experiences. We always kept a good mood and positive mind - and he has so much time to think 🙂. Even though you crawl with your last breath, the nature and strong will keeps you walking.
You realise you do not need what you do not carry in your rucksack. We finished the 1st phase and we will go further.
Anyone can join our goal. Do not hesitate 🙂

Greetings from Tolstoi ✨ from France


Kelt (Rufus) passed his very first working test - ZZO. Congratulations!

Raviola and Niké

Freya - Raviola (on the right) with her sister Niké are resting after chasing each other

Greetings from Manny (Morfeus Šedý poklad) and his owners

Rychle spěchem za praotcem Čechem

It was 20th anniversary of the hike. Theree dogs from our kennel and 2 by our stud participated - Tajga and Tolkien Šedý poklad, Mufasa Šedý poklad a two of his chldren.
There were 15 dogs alltogether. It was a nice event.

27.4.2024 Krutákův march II.

I toook Legenda for the march. My friend Iva and Charleen also joined us for the fist time. We enjoyed the the beautiful day fully! The route was 22km long, girls did great and people around were wery friendly. For sure we it was not our last time!


Otis Leo went for show in Poland
National show: Exc.1, CWC, BOS 🥇
Internaional show: Exc.1, CWC🥇

VI. Strážský dogtrek

Rio Rebel enjoyed the dog trekking event with her owner.

21.4.2024 Club show ČSV 2024

Judge: Lenka Klímová
Males - intermediate cl: Santini - very good
Males - open cl.: Mortimer - excellent
Males - working cl.: Mufasa - excellent 1st, CAC
❤️NEW CLUB CHAMPION - the very first from our kennel👌
Males - winners cl.: Kenzo Power - excellent 3rd
Males - winners cl.: Phantom - excellent 4th
Males - winners cl.: Orfeus - excellent 5th
Females - winners cl.: Querida - excellent 3rs

Our dogs did great and presented our kennel and their breed well. No one was attacking other dogs, people or the judge. There were many dogs who did not behave well in the ring.
On Saturday there was a club election and we also met Nadir, Oberon and Queen.
Queen of Wolf successfully passed breeding check and is brood bitch - 1st class.
We enjoyed a lovely weekend with our pack.🍀

The best working dog KCHČSV for 2023

Our dogs did well :)

Mufasa Šedý poklad 18th place
Phantom Šedý poklad 24th place
History Šedý poklad 30th place

Mufasa and Seiko do a tracking together

Their owners are unstoppable in any weather and work hard with the boys. Afterwards they enjoy some free time together.

13.4.2024 International dog show České Budějovice

Intermediate cl.: Santini - Exc.2, r.CAC 🥈

Markét wrote:
"The judge was Boris Špoljarić and even though we did not end up on the first place, Santini got very nice critique, which made us very happy.😊"

Dogtrekking Šlapanický vlk 2024

Adri together with Greys participated at gogtrekking Šlapanický vlk 2024 for 30 km route.
You are amazing, girls! Congratulations :)

6.4.2024 National show in Poland

On Saturday some of us met at national show in Poland. We were so lucky with the weather during the outdoor show 😁.

The dogs did as following:
Intermediate cl.: Santini - Exc.2
Open cl.: Rio Rebel - Exc.1, CAC, National Winner, BOS
Queen of Wolf could not compete due to her injured leg but she joined us at the group photo. 😊

6.4.2024 Regional show For pets cup, Prague Letňany

Judge: R.Cepková
Mufasa Šedý poklad - Excellent 1, class winner, Regional winner
Leilla Šedý poklad - Excellent 1, class winner, Regional winner, shortlisted in BIS
Lovely show during the fair For Pets🙂

Tom, Queenie and their first canicross Křížová desítka

Report from Klarka:
I wrote, that we are gping to try it and so we did.
1) Tom - hates running, does not train, he went only few times jogging since the begining of this year.
2) Queenie - I had no idea how she will deal with other dogs, if she copes with being overtaken and also if she will be able to overtake other dogs smoothly.

Surprise of the day - they both did well and enjoyed it. Queeny did the race well, she did not pull but we do not blame her. She never knows what distance to expect. So we need to work on that. But she delt well with other dogs on the track. She supported Tom during the whole run and she even pulled on the last kilometr.
We had no idea what to expect at the race. It looks so easy when you just watch. In reality it is very fast action - as the time of your start gets closer you start to prepare and suddenly you are on the track. The race was well organised, everything went so smoothly.
We are already looking forward to other experience with canicross.
Now we need to implement running into our traning program and create a system. Then we are going to work on technique and endurance. 🧡

Tomáš & Queeny at dogtreking “Zde jsou Lvi”

Tomáš and his buddy Queen of Wolf and their fabulou report from the event.

Our very first dogtrekking “Zde jsou Lvi” of this year.
The route was in Moravian-Silesian region and part of it went also through Poland. It was a MID length (42km) and altitude only 600m. So it was a very mild one. It was our first try with Queeny and it was worth it. We ended up on 8th place in our cathegory in time 8 hours 45 minutes. I think it is a nice result and Queeny did a good job. It is a miracle I have no blisters, but my legs are tired.
It is only a begining and we hope to take a part at other dog trekking events and hopefully also LONG distance (80km) at the end of this season.
I could write a long long article about it, but you can understand it only if you try yourself.
It was well organised event with great doggy people. We enjoyed that very much.

Tomáš & Queeny in Krkonoše mountains

Krkonoše 17.3.2024
Route: Horní Mísečky - Vrbatova bouda - Nad kotelní jámou - Labská louka and back.
"It was extremly winday today. Temperature was below 0 °C, so me and Queeny took a shorter walk and enjoyed a lovely noon in KRNAP."

Greetings from our youngest litter "V".

KOZELSKÉ RALLY březen 2023

Rally obedience competition 16.3.2024
Mufasa Šedý poklad passed today his second competition in cathegory RO-Z with result - Excellent 91pt. put of 100pt.👌
His is now also qualified for higher cathegory.
Moody was the only one of his breed at the competition and performed well. He had no issues with the new place, dogs or people...simply a cool dog.

16.3.2024 National dog show Brno

Judge: Leoš Jančík
Mezitřída: Santini Šedý Poklad - exc.1, CAC, National Winner, BOS


We are trully happy :)

2.3.2024 Regional show Lysá nad Labem

Our great team met again at this ovely small regional show. Some did well and some less, but they all enjoyed a great day together.
All the participants also took 3rd place among Breeders groups out of a great competition!
Judge: Karel Peroutka
Junior cl. - Umar Šedý Poklad: Exc. 1, Junior class winner, 3rd place JBIG1
Intermediate cl. - Santini Šedý Poklad: Very good 2
Winners cl. - Mufasa Šedý Poklad: Exc. 1, Class Winner, Regional Winner, Lysá nad Labem Winner, short listed in final competition
Open cl. - Rio Rebel Šedý Poklad: Very good 2

History at Gladiator Race GR8 TRAILS CANICROSS LIBEREC 2024.

"Although she is lazy during traning, she worked hard during the race and we ended up on 18th place out of 37 competitors in our cathegory - 23 minutes and 56 sec / 5km
At home she is a guarding dog, but she entered the race as a lady."


27.-28.1.2024 DUOCACIB Brno

27.1.2024, judge: Antonín Karban
MALES - junior cl.: Umar - VG2
MALES - intermediate cl.: Santini - Exc.1, CAC
MALES - open cl.: Otis Leo - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
MALES - champion cl.: Mortimer - Exc.2, r.CAC
FEMALES - champion cl.: Querida - Exc.2, r.CAC
Querida, Santini, Umar, Otis Leo were placed 3rd among breeders groups.

28.1.2024, judge: Petra Márová
MALES - junior cl.: Umar - VG2
MALES - intermediate cl.: Santini - Exc.2
MALES - open cl.: Otis Leo - Exc.2, r.CAC
MALES - champion cl.: Mortimer - Exc.2, r.CAC
FEMALES - champion cl.: Querida - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB


22.1.2024 The first of the litter "S" was x-rayed

Santini was x-rayed at clinic Live in Litoměřice with a great result HD A 0/0 and ED 0/0
Thank you for the great care of him and congratulations for the results :)

19.- 21.1.2024 CAC & 2x CACIB Bratislava

Santini and Querida did a tour in Bratislava:

19.1.2024 National dog show
champion cl.: Querida - Exc.1, CAC

20.1.2024, judge: Jaroslav Matyáš
junior cl.: Santini - Exc.2
champion cl.: Querida - VG3

21.1.2024, judge: Ladislav Frnčo
junior cl.: Santini - Exc.2
champion cl.: Querida - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

They did well and also not much well, however spent a lovely weekend together and visited the castle Děvín :)

6.1.2024 Paris Dog show

Tolstoi Šedý Poklad (Cheyen Dakmat x Legenda MOAI) rosked at show in Paris! Junior class - Exc.1, CAC-J, BOS

6.1.2024 NDS Brno

6th January Poklad's started the show season at national show in Brno.
Results are following:
Males - junior cl.: Santini - VG 3
Males - junior cl.: Umar - Exc.2
Males - open cl.: Otis Leo - Exc.2
Females - intermeduate cl.: Rio Rebel - VG 3
Females - winners cl.: Querida - Exc.2, r.CAC

In final competitions our team took lovely 3rd place out of 8 breeders groups, where 3 were breeders groups of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Fabulous!

1.1.2024 Both on New Year's and throughout the year

Every New Year we take traditional walk and aldo backe sausages. All the best for 2024 to all of good will!


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