Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - kennel Šedý Poklad

30.12.2023 Christmas date

Our traditional Christmas meeting with a walk was on 30th December. This time we took 9km walk. We met at the square in Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. We took a speeter way up to Jedlová mountain above Křížová road, where we did a break and a took a photo of our team in from of the lookout tower Jedlová. After that we headed to Tolštejn and back to Jířetín pod Jedlovou. It was a tough walk without any signs of snow but a lot of mud. However the dogs did not mind and got nicely tired. At the end of our trip we had a late lunch and we are looking forward to our next event. Many thanks to all for your participation, we were glad to see you all. There were several of our breedings: Raviolka, Rosaline, Rio Rebel, Rufus, Secret Story and Moruška od ÚhoštěBarney z Petrovických vrchů, Legenda MOAI, Mufasa, Lancelot, Santini, Orfeus, Oklahoma, Bezzubka Mystery Dragon (Shetland Sheepdog), Cassiopeia Legemond (Border Collie), Valiant Victory for Orleansnow (samoyed).

our kennel calendar for 2024 :)

We though our gang might enjoy a calendar, with the moments we experienced together.
Nadir already got his piece!

Rufus took a part at fun Christmas race at ZKO Libochovice 12/2023


Thank you very much!

17.12.2023 TRANING OF MufasA (Moody) aND Phantom (Fík)

Fík's owner report:
" Yesterday we traditionally visited aunt Dominika and Moody on our way back from Cínovec.
We had a traning at Moody's place and he has shown us how to run Rally obedience and allowed us to try as well. Martin was a photographer, Domnika was Moody's handler, I was Fík's handler and Fík was a couch potato. "


Not all feedbacks are positive.
Mufasa's owner wrote:
" I was looking foward to this event. I enjoy non competitive races as you are there only to enjoy the day and meet new people from the breed. Unfortunately I was very dissapointed. 😔
Had I known how it was going to be, I would save our time and spend my day with moody elsewhere... 😒
I have seen video from previous years and trully enjoyed them and also my friends were saying it is fun and worth it. So we went for 2 hours trip. Had I known what kind of obstacles there are, I would not go. The obstacles were very common as you know them from any traning place. Some of them were very slippery and dogs were falling. I did find it very dangerous and most of the obstacles lacked any fantasy.
There were 15 dogs entered, however I expected more and most of the people we already met before except for 2 dogs.
We did our best and enjoyed goulash for lunch. "

15.12.2023 Preciosa was x-rayed

Preciosa (Jazz Dakmat x Cindy Grey) has great reslts - HD A 0/0 and ED 0-0
Tests: DW N/DW, DM N/N, DNA profile

TRIO CACIB PRAHA 8.12. - 10.12.2023

Our dogs did great and some took home Champion titles. We are very proud!
Santini became Czech junior Champion and Phantom became Champion ČMKU.

Junior cl.: Santini - Exc.1, CAJC, CACIB-J
Open cl.: Otis Leo - Exc.4
Open cl.: Phantom - Exc.2, r.CAC
Champion cl.: Kenzo Power - Exc.3
Intermediate cl.: Rio Rebel - Exc.2, r.CAC
Champion cl.: Queen of Wolf- Exc.2, r.CAC, r.CACIB
Champion cl.: Querida - Exc.1, CAC, BOB, CACIB

Junior cl.: Santini - Exc.1, CAJC, CACIB-J
Intermediate cl.: Rufus - Exc.1, CAC
Open cl.: Otis Leo - Exc.3
Open cl.: Phantom - Exc.1, CAC, BOS, CACIB
Champion cl.: Mortimer - Exc.1, CAC
Intermediate cl.: Rio Rebel - Exc.2, r.CAC
Open cl.: Queen of Wolf - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB
Champion cl.: Querida - Exc.1, CAC, BOB, CACIB
In the final competitions Querida, Phantom, Rio Rebel, Santini and Otis Leo took 2nd place among breeders group.

Junior cl.: Santini - VG3
Open cl.: Otis Leo - Exc.3
Open cl.: Phantom - Exc.1, CAC, r. CACIB
Intermediate cl.: Rio Rebel - good
Open cl.: Queen of Wolf - Exc.2, r.CAC
Champion cl.: Querida - Exc.2, r.CAC, r.CACIB


Thank you very much :)
" Hello treasures, me and History send you greetings. We have not been in touch for a while and you might think History hangs around. But nothing is more far from the truth :)
In spring History had her last litter "B".
After her mother duties, we went for a lady trip to Baltic sea.
On 5th August we ran Hruboskalský canicross and were placed on 20th place.
In summer we did tours in Krkonoše mountains.
In September we were in Sardinia for three weeks vaccation.
In November History celebrated her 7th birthday.
In autumn her spine and shoulder blades got blocked and so we were visiting fyzio, laser and tranings in water.
She is doing well now and we enjoy our mountain hikes with skialps. Now History is looking forward to Santa and we wish you all merry Christmas! "

Jana and History

2.12. 2023 National Christmas show Brno

Rozhodčí: Milan Krinke
Males - open class: Kenzo Power - Exc.3
Males - open class: Otis Leo - Exc.2, r. CAC
Males - winners class: Mortimer - Exc.2, r. CAC
Males - winners class: Phantom - Exc.3
Females - open class: Queen of Wolf - Exc.2, r. CAC
Due to bad weather Santini and Querida did not make it in time for the show.

2.12.2023 Jenštejnské DUO - Obedience examps and Rally obedience race

Mufasa's ownes wrote: "Moody successfully passed RO-Z with 89 points out of 100 and very good grade. It was also a race and Moody ended up on 5th place out of 9 dogs.
It was ur first experience with the discipline. We never trained in a hall before and nor Moody neither me were at this place before. The more I am please Moody did so well. Our preparation was allowed only in a small area and we were not allowed to check the parkour before. His owner does not want to ruin it next time and antered a seminar for the next time :D
Our exam season came to an end for this year :)"

Specialty show ČSV KCHČSV SR 25.11.2023 Pezinok

Mufasa and his last show in 2023.
Judge: MVDr. František Rosík jr.
Honour class: 1st place (1/2)

25.11.2023 ring traning

A ring traning before shows in Brno and Praha. All did great and deserved a coffee afterwards.
Querida, Santini, Tajga, Rio Rebel

12.11.2023 Phantom passed ZZO1

Fík passed next working test ina very short period of time. We are very proud of you, keep up the good work :)

4.11.2023 - Dogtrek Údolím Šembery "Kouzelným lesem" vol. 8

Me and my buddy girls decided to say goodbye to this year dogtrekking season at the river Šembera.
The route was 18 km (official 19,4km) and our teams were: Alice & Rio Rebel, Adriana & Ganesha Greys, Ivča & Charleen and me with Vali 😉
Lenka and Fík took 25km long route.
Lovely walk with pitoresque autumn weather, great organisation under Sarka Gill a lot of fun, adrenalin on the way and our dogs did great! Good food and nice prizes. Ája and Rio even took 6th place! Simply a great weekend in a great company. Girls, thank you for the great day and I am looking forward to our next walks in spring!

28.10.2023 Regional halloween show Provodovice

Otis Leo Šedý Poklad - Exc.1, Class winner, Regional winner

28.10.2023 Mufasa passed ZM test

It is already his 7th test. Congratulations! He is also the very first breeding from our kennel with this test :)

21.10.2023 Regional dog show Litoměřice

Judge: V. Rybárová
Males - puppy class: Tolkien - Very promising 1st
Males - junior cl.: Santini - Very good 2
Males - intermediate cl.: Rufus - Excellent 1st, Class winner, Regional winner
Males - honour cl.: Mufasa - Excellent 1st, ️3rd place BIS honour class
Females - puppy class: Tajga - Very promising 1st
Females - intermediate cl.: Rio Rebel - Excellent 2nd
Females - open cl.: Leilla - Excellent 1st, Class winner, Regional winner

We also took 3rd place among braces and 2nd place among breeders groups (Mufasa, Rio Rebel, Rufus, Santini)

14.10.2023 Regional dog show Jindřichův Hradec

Judge: P. Márová
Otis Leo Šedý poklad - Excellent 1st, Class winner, Regional winner

Greys took part at dogtrekking czech championship in Nivnice

22,80 km in 5,18 hours
"I didn't expect us to make to so well!"
We are happy for you, keep walking :)

IDS České Budějovice 7.10.2023

Santini - Exc.1, CAJC
Phantom - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Quick - Exc.1
Querida - Exc.1, CAC, Res. CACIB

Queeny is y-rayed

Queeny Šedý Poklad (Enigma x Kraken)
HD & ED: 0/0
Owners sent us lovely message: " Again message from Queeny, who succesfully passed x-ray check under MVDr. Michal Pavlík at HKVet. The vet was over the moon from both joints, especially from elbows, which are just like from a schoolbook" We are again one step closer to become brood bitch."

XXV. Mirek Vágner memorial 23.9.2023

Rufus passed ZZO 1 and ended up on 4th place.
Congratulations, great work!

28.9.2023 Regional show Martiněves

Judge: B. Ovesná
Males, puppy cl.: Talent - VP1 and BIS baby!
Talent's premiere was a huge thing!
Males, junior cl.: Santini - Exc.2
Males, intermediate cl.: Rufus: Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional Winner, BIG 3rd place
Males, honour cl.: Mufasa - Exc.1
Females, puppy cl.: Tajga - VP1
Females, intermediate cl.: Rio Rebel - Exc.1, Class Winner
Females, winners cl.: Querida - Exc. 1, Class Winner, Regional Winner

We also took The best breeders group #1 with Mufasa, Querida, Rufus, Rio Rebel and Santini.

Specialty show 24.9.2023

Some did well and some less, but the most important is that we again met with our great gang!

MALES - judge: M. Václavík
Intermediate cl.: RUFUS ŠEDÝ POKLAD - VG4
Winners cl.: MUFASA ŠEDÝ POKLAD - Exc. 1st

FEMALES - judge: J. Jedlička
Open cl.: LEILLA ŠEDÝ POKLAD - Exc.3
Winners cl.: QUERIDA ŠEDÝ POKLAD - Exc.

The best brace: 3rd place - Leilla Šedý poklad + Haibusa Lupi della Murgia
The best breeders group - 1st place

39. Podještědská regional show

23.9.2023 - Bílý Kostel nad Nisou
Judge: Otakar Vondrouš
Quick (intermediate cl.) - Exc.1, Class Winner
Mufasa (winners cl.) - Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional Winner
Judge: Kristina Vaníčková
1st place among national breeds
Judge: Otakar Vondrouš
1st place in group I
BIS winner of the Regional show 2023
Rio Rebel (intermediate cl.) - V1, Class Winner, Regional Winner

17.9.2023 Phantom Šedý passes ZZO

It is already Phantom's 3rd exam!
Congratulations, keep on the great work!

IDS KLATOVY 16.9.2023

VG3 (junior cl.) - Santini Šedý poklad
Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB (intermediate cl.) - Rufus Šedý poklad
Exc.1, CAC, BOB, CACIB (champion cl.) - Querida Šedý poklad

16.9.2023 Umar at a dog event

His owners wrote: "Umar was awarded at two competitions out of 4 and he even won the first one!"
Congratulations :)

IDS Olomouc 9.9.2023

VP1 (puppy cl.) - Umar
Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, CACIB-J (junior cl.) - Santini
Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB (intermediate cl.) - Rufus
Exc.3 (champion cl.) - Queen of Wolf
Exc.2, r.CAC, r.CACIB (champion cl.) - Querida

2.9.2023 Lovely news from France

IDS - Brognon (France)
Tolstoi (Legenda x Cheyen) - BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!
Congratulations, keep on the great work!

Elodin in a movie

Elodin Šedý poklad and his daughter Auri acted in a dutch series Zapp Detective.

XXII. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Meeting & XX. Hoky's Memorial 25.8.- 27.8.2023

Mufasa with his owner took a part at ČSV meeting in Poland.
On Saturday they took a part in Hoky's Memorial (race competition for fun) and ended up on 2nd place.
On Sunday there was a fun show, where Mufasa became best male and later on res.BIS!

26.8.2023 regional dog show Džbán

Judge: B. Ovesná
Leilla šedý poklad, open cl.: Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional Winner
Rio Rebel Šedý poklad, intermediate cl.: Exc.1, Class Winner

19.8.2023 IDS Mladá Boleslav

Males - junior cl.: Santini - VG4 (needs to mature)
Males - intermediate cl.: Rufus - Exc.1, CAC
Males - champion cl.: Orfeus Šedý poklad - Exc.2, r.CAC (Orfíček growled at the judge)
Males - honour cl.: Mufasa Šedý poklad - Exc.1
Females - intermediate cl.: Rio Rebel Šedý poklad - Exc.4
Females - champion cl.: Queen of Wolf Šedý poklad - Exc.2, r.CAC
Females - champion cl.: Querida Šedý poklad - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Mufasa, Querida and Santini represented our kennel in finals among breeders group. Without placing this time.

Leilla and her owner do port for good thing!

Few words from Leilla's owner:
" Me and Leilla passed another virtual challenge. This time it was 6 months challenge of walking 901 km by foot - which was the highest! By this we supported breeding of hyena dogs. "


Mufasa (Moody) and Phantom (Fík) Šedý poklad went together to be shown in Slovakia.

4.8.2023 Club show ČSV
Judge: Zuzana Mikolková
Open cl.: Phantom - Exc. among 20 in class
Champion cl.: Mufasa - Exc. 3/7

5.8.2023 XXVI European show ČSV
Judge: Milan Krinke
Open cl.: Phantom - Exc. 2 res. CAC among 20 in class
Champion cl.: Mufasa - Exc. 5/10

Moody and Fík both did great job!

5.8.2023 VI. Svatomartinská area show

Judge: Karel Hořák
Intermediate cl.: Rio Rebel - Exc.1, Class Winner
Open cl.: Leilla - Exc.1, Class Winner, Area Winner, res.BIG

29.7.2023 Mufasa was show at the breed specialty in Germany

FCI/VDH - Spezial-Rassehunde-Ausstellung für Tschechoslowakische Wolfhunde
Judge: Janka Brussová Tarkaničová
Třída šampionů: Mufasa Šedý poklad - Excellent 1, VDH, The best male, BOS

Mufasa got very nice critique regarding being worthy of champion class. Only his wrinkle on his forhead was reprehended, but that dot not cause us any wrinkles :)

29.7.2023 Regional show Kladno

Leilla took Exc.1, Class Winner and Regional Winner.

23.7.2023 TOLSTOÏ

Tolstoï, who lives in France took a part at his very first show and went home with title Best puppy!

Podřipská Regional show Martiněves 22.7.2023

Males - junior cl.: Santini - VG1
Males - intermediate cl.: Rufus - Exc.1, Class Winner
Males - open cl.: Quick - Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional Winner
Females - junior cl.: Rio Rebel - VG
Females - intermediate cl.: Querida - Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional Winner, BIG l, BIS Vítěz Podřipské výstavy
Breeders groups 3rd place - Querida, Rufus, Rio Rebel, Santini


Our great team of 8 dogs again met at National dog show in Mlada Boleslav. Some did great some less but we all enjoyed a great day!
Judge: Jaroslav Matyáš

Males - intermediate cl.: Rufus - Exc. 1, CAC
Males - intermediate cl.: Quick - not judges (Quick didn't like the check and he needs more traning)
Males - open cl.: Phantom - Exc. 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB
Males - winners cl.: Orfeus - Very good 1 (shedded coat)
Males - honour cl.: Mufasa - Exc. 1
Finals: resBIS honour class

Females - junior cl.: Rio Rebel - Very good 3
Females - winners cl.: Querida - Exc. 1, CAC
Mufasa, Querida and Phantom alltogether took 2nd place at Breeders group competition among 9 groups.

28.5.2023 Mufasa passed his 6th test

This time IBGH1! We are very proud.

Orfeus is now registered stud dog

Life with Šedý Poklad dogs

We receive many wonderful photos from your life with our breedings. Some of you watch after your dogs if need to be and go for walks together. Some of you do great trips together, other are showing or attend dog camps. Many of you visit us and we spend weekend together doing barbecues and walks. Wea re simply happy for our dog family since we get many lovely friends this way. Some photos of you guys, I enclose :)
Oklahoma in Austria, Phantom on a way to Switzerland, Tolstoi in France, Chic & Sexy on vaccation at Mufasa'a place, Mufasa & Santini on their trips together. Ganesha Greys in Bílé Karpaty mountain, Oberonovo, Nuttah, Patriotovo, Raviolky and Roxxanka's holiday in Czech Republic. We are getting so many more pics, but we keep then until and of holiday :)

1.7.2023 National show Klatovy

Judge: Šárka Dreslerová
Intermediate cl.: Rufus Šedý poklad - Exc.1, CAC
Winners cl.: Querida Šedý poklad - Exc.1, CAC, BOS, National Winner
Even though there were not many of us, our dogs did great and we look forward for other shows.

MVP Brno 24.6.2023

Mezitřída: Rufus ("Kelt") - V1, CAC - splněn Junior šampion ČR
Třída otevřená: Phantom ("Fík") - V1, CAC, res. CACIB
Třída šampionů: Mortimer - V1, CAC
Třída šampionů: Querida - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Krásná práce, gratulujeme!

15.6. - 18.6. 2023 BEZDREV CUP IV.

It already became a traditional camp for our breedings, where they can train for breeding check, shows (theory and practice), ballance excertice, nosework, tracks, obedience and fun "match", trips and barbecue. We also announce the best working dogand show dog or season 2022/2023. To all who didn't missed a lot :) This years the title BEST OF BEZDREV went home with Phanton Šedý Poklad.
There were 65 people and 25 dogs bred in our kennel plus their other doggy buddies, which we consider a true members of our gang. Have a look at the group photo. It wasn't easy to have all of us in one picture. It is a great honour for us as breeders!
Thank friends and you and see you next year :)

Complete gallery: ZDE

18.6.2023 Regional show Benátky nad Jizerou

Judge: Karel Hořák
Třída dorostu
Santini Šedý poklad: Very promising 1st

Winners class
Mufasa Šedý poklad: Excellent 1st, Class Winner, Regional Winner, short listed in finals

Junior class
Rio Rebel: Excellent 1st, Junior Class Winner

Alltogether they made to 1st place among breeders groups. Congratulations!

Report from the World show of national slovak breeds

9th June me and Mufasa went to the World show of national breeds to Nitra. It was my very first stressfree show as we went there only represent and we did so with rating "Excellent". There were 120 dogs entered and from our previous shows I know very well that each judge prefers different type of a dog. We already enjoys our glory fully and Moody (Mufasa) presented himself very well. What more to wish for?
It was a great day and Moody will always be #1 for me.

27.5.2023 International show Litoměřice

Judge: Lenka Klímová
Today we met again at our "home ground" show and got following results:

Males, puppy cl.:
Santini - VP1

Males, intermediate cl.:
Rufus - Exc.2, res. CAC
Quick - Exc.3

Males, open cl.:
Phantom - Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB

Males, champion cl.:
Orfeus - Exc.1, CAC

Males, honour class:
Mufasa - Exc.1, 3rd place BIS of honour classes

Females, junior cl.:
Rio Rebel - VG4

Females, intermediate cl.:
Queeny - Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB

Females, champion cl.:
Querida - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

We also went to breeders group competition, but we were not lucky this time.

22.5.2023 Training camp in Jevišovice

Kenzo Power met his dad Orson GSS.

20.5.2023 EXTREME DOG RACE Water Biřička

Leilla and her owner Iva again enjoyed the dirty race.

Pojizerská regional show Mladá Boleslav 8.5.2023

our dream team again together at a show!
Judge: Miroslav Václavík

Puppy class
Santini Šedý poklad, Very promising 1st
Finals: BEST IN SHOW PUPPY under the judge Lenka Fialová
Way to go!

Winners class
Mufasa Šedý poklad - Excellent 1st, Class Winner, Regional Winner, Winner of Mladá Boleslav
Finals: FCI group I - 3rd place
Judge: Jaroslava Ovesná

Junior class
Rio Rebel Šedý poklad - Very good 1st
The very first show for Niké and she got VG due to her shyness. But she did very well in breeders group in the afternoon.

Intermediate class
Querida Šedý poklad - Excellent 1st

During the finals they all rocked together (Mufasa, Querida, Rio Rebel, Santini) and won: THE BEST BREEDERS GROUP 2nd place
Judge: Katarína Čerešňáková

6.5.2023 CACIB Babimost (PL)

Orfeus went to Poland to finnish his polish champion ship and he made it :). He got Exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOS in champion class.
With these results he also completed his international show championship (CIE).


Querida began her jurney towards Hungarian Champion by winning the highest titles in the breed competition (2x Excellent 1, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB)

25.4.2023 we are over the moon.

Querida received well deserved post from FCI. The prinncess managed to complete International Junior Champion during her junior show career.
We have a reason to celebrate and we look forward what future will bring to this young lady!

23.4.2023 CUB SHOW Šafránkův mlýn u Drahonína

Judge: Milan Krinke

Santini, puppy cl.: VP1
Rufus, intermediate cl.: VG3
Orfeus, open cl.: Exc.2, Res. CAC
Phantom, open cl.: Exc.4
Mortimer, champion cl.: Exc.4
Mufasa, champion cl.: Exc.3
Querida, intermediate cl.: Exc.3

2nd place among breeders groups (Mufasa, Querida, Phantom, Santini, Orfeus)

22.4.2023 Breeding check

Our three boys successfully passed!
1) Phantom Šedý poklad "Fík"
2) Orfeus Šedý poklad
3) Jagger Šedý poklad

Congratulations once again!

IDS České Budějovice

Queen of Wolf - Exc.2, res.CAC


Judge: Andrzej Szutkiewicz
Mufasa, champion cl.: Exc.1, CWC, The best male, Club Winner, BOB, BIS
Mortimer, open cl.: Exc.1, CWC
Kenzo Power, champion cl.: Exc.3

Mufasa, Mortimer and Kenzo also took 1st place for the best breeders group and also 1st place for group by one dam.

The show was well organised with lovely prizes and presents, toys and dog food. The critiques and judgements were indeed very precise.
Congratulations to all involved.

8.4.-9.4.2023 International sog show Bistrita, Romania

Querida Šedý poklad

8.4.2024 CAC, Best Female, BOB
Judge: Emil Munteanu Muncan

8.4.2024 CAC, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Calin Mitra

9.4.2024 CAC, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Draganescu Marian


7.4.2023 MEETING

Our kennel had a walk with our friend's kennel z Petrovických vrchů, where the founder is our breeding Chiméra Šedý poklad. Fingers crossed for you, guys!

Daily Wolf Rhoderick Sodar went over the rainbow brige...

25.4.2009 - 7.4. 2023

3.-5.3.2023 Vilnius - Lihuania

Mortimer Šedý poklad and his successful 3 days show in Lithuania:
3.3. - CAC, judge: Rui Olivera
4.3. - CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge: Barbara Müller
5.3. - CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge: Cesare Calcinati

Mortimer became Lithuanian Champion.

1.-2.4.2023 Spring danube Bratislava

1.4.2024 - Excellent 1st, CAC

1.4.2024 - CAC, CACIB, BOS
2.4.2024 - CAC, CACIB, BOS, Slovakia Winner

1.4.2023 race Kozelský speciál.

Dominika's and Mufasa'a report:
1st April we participated at ZZO race called "Kozelký Special". It was our first time at the venue and I very happy we passed the test. It wasn't flawless however, but we were deffinately first in the breed :)
I am happy I could try Moody's behaviour at the new venue and his approach to the atmosphere.
What pleases me the most however is the fact that Moody proved to many people, who did not have a good experience with the breed, that his breed is a dog as any other.

4.3.2023 Regional show Lysá nad Labem

Judge: Karel Peroutka
Males, baby class:
Santini Šedý poklad - Very promising 1st

Males, open class:
Orfeus Šedý poklad - Excellent 1st, Class Winner

Males, winners class:
Mufasa Šedý poklad - Excellent 1st, Class Winner, Regional Winner, Winner of Lysá nad Labem

Females, intermediate class:
Querida Šedý poklad - Excellent 1st, Class Winner, Regional Winner

Mufasa, Orfeus and Querida represented our kennel among breeder's groups and were placed 2nd out of 13!

29.1.2023 DUO CACIB BRNO

Judge: Ladislav Frnčo
Phantom Šedý poklad (intermediate cl.) - Exc.1, CAC, r. CACIB
Kenzo Power Šedý poklad (open cl.) - Exc.4
Mortimer Šedý poklad (champion cl.) - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Orfeus Šedý poklad (champion cl.) - Exc.2, r. CAC
Querida Šedý poklad (junior cl.) - Exc.1, CAJC, FCI CACIB- J, BOJ, BOB, JBIG I. - NEW JUNIOR CHAMPION CZ!

28.1.2023 DUO CACIB BRNO

Judge: Mag. Helaine Maissen - Jarisch
"Kelt" Rufus Šedý poklad (junior cl.) - VG
Phantom Šedý poklad (intermediate cl.) - Exc.1, CAC, r. CACIB
Mortimer Šedý poklad (open cl.) - VG
Kenzo Power Šedý poklad (champion cl.) - Exc.2
Orfeus Šedý poklad (champion cl.) - Exc.1, CAC, BOS, CACIB
Queen of Wolf Šedý poklad (junior cl.) - VG4
Querida Šedý poklad (junior cl.) - Exc.2


We have 4 boys by Joy's & Kraken Kuklik.
Their names are Umar, Udine, Utukku and Ulvar.
Booking for boys is open. They will be ready to leave to their new homes in the middle of March.


We welcomed 7 lovely and strong babies by Legenda and Cheyen. We have 2 girls and 5 boys. Puppies will be ready to leave to their new homes since the middle of March. Booking is open and you are also welcome to come and personaly see the litter.

7.1.2023 National show Brno

Judge: P. Bercholt 
The very first show of this year, where 5 of our breeding were shown. The judge was very strict and rating as very good or good were given. Not all dogs had their lucky day, but such are shows. Anyway I want to congratulate to all, you are the best for me :)

Rufus: Exc.1, CAJC
Phantom: Exc.1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, BIG V. 
Nadir: VG
Orfeus: Exc.1, CAC
Queen of Wolf: VG


We expect two litters at the end of January 2023.


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